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Melbourne Family Lawyers

At SR Lawyer, we know what goes through you when your family starts falling apart. Overwhelming emotion can get the better of you when you desperately seek someone who’ll listen to you and use their experience to mitigate your family problems.

This is where our experienced family law solicitors come in aid of you.


Family Lawyers focused on Family Disputes

As a family lawyer, we aim to help you get on with your life overcoming all the hindrances. We minutely listen to your problem and focus on the welfare of the whole family. We endeavour to show respect for everyone in the family and encourage everyone to maintain ongoing relationships for the sake of the children, parents and grandparents (whenever applicable).


How ‘SR Lawyer’ Mitigates Your Problems

  • Unlike many other family lawyers, our family lawyers go an extra mile to prepare a strong bond and relationship with you. We’ll guide youwith all the ‘do’s & don’ts over the course of your family disputes – so you don’t take a wrong step.
  • We provide professional advice on your specific disputes & share every needful you need to know. This includes all financial crisis or bankruptcy, separations, parenting, family violence, asset management or child support questions.
  • Having years of industry experience, our family law solicitors have all the answers to a host of family law questions, including about tax and business affairs and how to best protect your children when required. We know how to run cases in Court. However, we prefer creative negotiated settlements and we know you will prefer that too.


  • Divorce & Separation
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • de facto Relationships
  • Children, Adoption & Parenting Issues
  • Surrogacy
  • Domestic Violence Issues
  • Property & Financial Settlement
  • Asset Protection&Maintenance
  • Pre-nuptial and binding financial agreements&Cohabitation agreement
  • & many more.

SR Lawyer have a great team of professional lawyers, both inside and outside the firm.We work by paying heed to every little detail so that we can help achieve a calmer, faster, better outcome for the whole family.

Feel free to share your query here.

Or talk directly to our expert family law solicitors at +61 3 8396 2484/ +61 3 9741 1624

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I found SR Migration Team a professional, efficient and trustworthy. Highly recommended for legal services.

HR Tareq

I selected SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying a property in Melbourne. They provided an excellent service to me in all stages, and I am very happy with them.

Kazi Md. Maksud Hossain

I choose SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying my property in Melbourne. They provided me an excellent service in all stages till settlement of my property. I highly recommend SR Lawyers.

Raquib Dewan

I’m grateful & thankful to SR Lawyers for the best and satisfying outcome in both of my Immigration & Family law cases. A special thank you to Rumana for her patience, her full transparency & ongoing support. Rumana’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in Immigration/Legal matters made things a lot easier throughout the entire process. I’m one happy customer and I highly recommend Rumana & SR Lawyers.

Rowena Honz

Knowledgeable professionals and professional service. Would like to recommend highly

S. M. Yassir Arafat

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