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A serious motor vehicle accident can not only bevery injurious but immensely traumatic as well. At SR Lawyer, our compensation lawyers fully understand the risk involved and the costly expenditure one has to bear to recover from a serious injury.

That’s why we endeavour to resolve your motor vehicle accident claims in the shortest possible timeframe. In most cases, we can turn a claim around in as little as 12­-18 months.

An estimate of the monetary value of your claim for compensation including the heads of damage that are available under the scheme such as:

  • Compensation for domestic assistance.
  • Compensation for economic loss i.e. loss of job/wages.
  • Compensation for non­-economic loss i.e. pain and suffering.
  • Compensation for your reasonable medical and health-related expenditures.

Our experienced car accident lawyer at SR Lawyer will happily provide a free, ‘over-the-phone’ assessment of your claim. After getting all the details of your accident and your injuries (as early as possible from the time of the accident) we will help you in:

  • Understanding the process of making a claim against motor vehicle accident compensation.
  • Let you know an estimated time it can take to receive your compensation.

Besides securing your full compensation entitlements as quickly as possible, there are very reasonable causes for initiating a motor vehicle injury claim at the earliest. Rules & regulation in every Australian state sets a strict time limit and requirements for making a personal motor vehicle injury claim.

Therefore, if you have been injured in a serious car accident & want to make a claim, it is recommended that you speak to us as soon as possible.

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