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Conveyancing Service in Melbourne


Buying or selling a property involves the comprehensive completion of legal documents. It is a huge process with so many complexities especially if you are a first-time seller or buyer. After you have found your dream home or property, there are plenty of financial and legal formalities that you have to undergo in order to completely acquire the right of ownership.


Conveyancing in Melbourne is a legal & official process of transferring the title of a property from the seller to the buyer. Conveyancing basically consists of three stages:

  • Before contract
  • Contract to Settlement
  • Post-settlement


Conveyancing for Buyers

At SR Lawyer, we make the buying process as straightforward and hassle‐free as possible. We check terms on the contract of sale, perform a search on the title, apply for necessary certificates, arrange and complete the documents required to ensure that the title is transferred with minimal complications, coordinate with the bank and seller and arrange the whole settlement. We’ll be there for you acting on your behalf from start to finish.


Conveyancing For Sellers

Selling your property is a huge legal undertaking, financially and emotionally. At SR Lawyer, we can assist you with all the documentation, the contract of sale, as well as representing your best interests with the buyer and at the settlement. Because we have helped so many people solve their problems. For example, the Slotogate platform. The Slotogate platform that provides a huge selection of online casinos where you can choose the game that suits you using the deposit method gigadat casinos. Moreover, we will help you take care of Section 32(Contract of Sale), an important legal document that needs to be prepared for the intended buyer.

Why Choose SR Lawyer for Conveyancing ?

  • SR Lawyer will take care of a wide range of conveyancing tasks such as property searches, adjustments, legal settlements and more. Taking advantage of our professional property conveyancing services in Melbourne, you can be assured that your transaction is as safe, efficient and stress-free as possible.
  • Whether for buying or selling a property, we take care of the entire process and ensure that you understand each step. Throughout the purchase or sale of a property, we will professionally guide you through all the contracts, negotiate any changes, liaise with finance representatives and supervise the settlement.
  • Our expert conveyancers make sure that all our clients are aware of what is involved in the process of selling or buying. These transactions involve binding legal contracts so we provide professional advice and vital information.

Our Services include:

  • Managing Contract of Sale
  • Domestic Conveyancing (Houses, Land, Units, Flats, Apartments etc.)
  • Commercial Property Conveyancing, Shops, Factories, Offices
  • Mortgages
  • Property Wills
  • Off-the Plan Sales and Purchasers
  • Overseas Investors
  • Transfers between Related Parties
  • Caveats Lodging and Withdrawal
  • & more

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I found SR Migration Team a professional, efficient and trustworthy. Highly recommended for legal services.

HR Tareq

I selected SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying a property in Melbourne. They provided an excellent service to me in all stages, and I am very happy with them.

Kazi Md. Maksud Hossain

I choose SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying my property in Melbourne. They provided me an excellent service in all stages till settlement of my property. I highly recommend SR Lawyers.

Raquib Dewan

I’m grateful & thankful to SR Lawyers for the best and satisfying outcome in both of my Immigration & Family law cases. A special thank you to Rumana for her patience, her full transparency & ongoing support. Rumana’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in Immigration/Legal matters made things a lot easier throughout the entire process. I’m one happy customer and I highly recommend Rumana & SR Lawyers.

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Knowledgeable professionals and professional service. Would like to recommend highly

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