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SR Lawyer is one of the leading visa & migration consultants who have been guiding & assisting aspirant students to study in Australia for several years. Whenever an international studentreaches us with your proposition of studying in Australia, we pay heed to every requirement of the student.

Thereafter we take all the necessary movesstep by step and lead you to the right path towards your dream college/university. We have a dedicated team of migration experts and competent counselors who will mentor students in visa applications, calculations for finances and loan requirement (if any).

The visa application process, though looks lucid at the surface, isfull ofcomplex &time consumingprocesses which an experienced migration expert can deal with.This is where SR Lawyer thrives on.

We assist right from filing &evaluatingthe application of the student to sortingout the educational institutes. Besides, we put all the details and finances in correct order & get the students assessed for the visa interview.

SR Lawyer assess every step of the process through our expertsso that your file gets through without any hindrance. Therefore, whenever you plan to study abroad and give your career a boost with a good degree from Austraila, we are there to guide you with our utmost experience.

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I found SR Migration Team a professional, efficient and trustworthy. Highly recommended for legal services.

HR Tareq

I selected SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying a property in Melbourne. They provided an excellent service to me in all stages, and I am very happy with them.

Kazi Md. Maksud Hossain

I choose SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying my property in Melbourne. They provided me an excellent service in all stages till settlement of my property. I highly recommend SR Lawyers.

Raquib Dewan

I’m grateful & thankful to SR Lawyers for the best and satisfying outcome in both of my Immigration & Family law cases. A special thank you to Rumana for her patience, her full transparency & ongoing support. Rumana’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in Immigration/Legal matters made things a lot easier throughout the entire process. I’m one happy customer and I highly recommend Rumana & SR Lawyers.

Rowena Honz

Knowledgeable professionals and professional service. Would like to recommend highly

S. M. Yassir Arafat

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