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If you’ve set up your own business, planning to buy or sell a business or looking for professional advice over a business dispute, our team of specialist commercial lawyers can help you guide through all the legal formalities. Weaim to make it as simple as possible, so that you may have more time to work on your businessto make it runmore fluently.

SR Lawyer’s experienced team of commercial solicitors in Melbourne, Victoria have extensive knowledge across all the domain of businesslaws &transactions.We offer a wide range of legal &practicalsolutions for individual businessmen, start-ups business organisations and small to medium-sized enterprises.


  • Our team of business lawyers and business succession experts will work with you to ensure that your business transactions go smoothly without any hindrance.
  • We periodically advise business directors on their legal responsibilities in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated corporate environment. SR Lawyer provides specialist business succession and commercial law service, servicing in Melbourne and its suburb regions.
  • We constantly update ourselves with every legal norms &change. We will take the load upon us to tackle the legal side so that you can concentrate on your business more.


Our professional Commercial Law service rangesin :

  • Negotiating legal terms on our client’s behalf.
  • Assessing &identifying unfair terms and explaining the contract terms.
  • Drafting letters of demand.
  • Dispute resolution and drafting terms of agreements.
  • Advice on purchasing and selling a business
  • Explaining your rights, obligations and courses of action.
  • Representing you at tribunals and courts including litigation.
  • & much more.

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Comparison between various civil laws.

I found SR Migration Team a professional, efficient and trustworthy. Highly recommended for legal services.

HR Tareq

I selected SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying a property in Melbourne. They provided an excellent service to me in all stages, and I am very happy with them.

Kazi Md. Maksud Hossain

I choose SR Lawyers as my solicitor for buying my property in Melbourne. They provided me an excellent service in all stages till settlement of my property. I highly recommend SR Lawyers.

Raquib Dewan

I’m grateful & thankful to SR Lawyers for the best and satisfying outcome in both of my Immigration & Family law cases. A special thank you to Rumana for her patience, her full transparency & ongoing support. Rumana’s exceptional knowledge and expertise in Immigration/Legal matters made things a lot easier throughout the entire process. I’m one happy customer and I highly recommend Rumana & SR Lawyers.

Rowena Honz

Knowledgeable professionals and professional service. Would like to recommend highly

S. M. Yassir Arafat

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