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  • Fast Notary Public for Document Certification, Attestation & Witnessing
    (Powers of Attorney, ID Verification, Testamurs etc)
  • Apostille & Authentication DFAT Services Available
  • Have Peace of Mind with Competitive Timed Fees
  • Melbourne Offices (7 Days & After Hours Available)


Fees (inclusive of GST) are based on the amount of time it takes for the official Notarial Seal and Signature to be applied to your document(s):

Notary Appointment Length Approximate Signatures Fee Fee
(Credit Card)
1 – 5 Minutes Approx 1 to 3 signatures on document/s $99 $102
6 – 10 Minutes Approx 4 to 6 signatures on document/s $132 $135
11 – 15 Minutes Approx 7 to 10 signatures on document/s (or 1 Notarial Certificate) $176 $180
16 – 20 Minutes Approx 11 to 14 signatures on document/s $220 $225
21 – 25 Minutes Approx 15 to 18 signatures on document/s (or 2 Notarial Certificates) $275 $281
26 – 30 Minutes Approx 19 to 21 signatures on document/s (or 3 Notarial Certificates) $330 $337
Offsite Notarial Services per hour $550 $561
Legal Services per hour $660 $674
Updated Dec 17 2023

Note that the above figures are estimates only.  The actual fee will be based on the real amount of

Note that the above figures are estimates only.  The actual fee will be based on the real amount of time taken to notarise the documents presented.

Please Note: This Office provides a fee estimate based on the information you provide, we reserve the right to charge according to the above fees for the time it actually takes to notarise your document(s). It is constantly said by clients that my fees are most competitive – the industry standard can be found at link.

What you need to bring: 100 points of ID as well as all documents needing to be notarised.


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Our Notary Offices

Suite 17/2-14, Station Place, Werribee, VIC 3030, Australia


                  • A Notary Public can certify that copies of documents are authentic, especially if the certified copies are to be produced overseas.
                  • A Notary Public can witness signatures on documents, including Powers of Attorney, which are for production in another country.
                  • A Notary Public can certify that documents are authentic originals.

Nurul Khan provides personalised, flexible and cost effective solutions for all of your notarisation needs, with After Hours and Weekend availability. His services include:

                  • Witnessing the signing of documents
                  • Certifying copies of documents
                  • Preparing, attesting and certifying deeds and other documents such as Power of Attorneys
                  • Providing certificates of law for use overseas
                  • Taking declarations and receiving affidavits for production overseas
                  • Noting ships protests and preparing extended protests
                  • Noting and protesting bills of exchange
                  • Arranging for the Issuing of Apostille/Authentication Certificates from DFAT
                  • Arranging for legalisation of documents from Embassies/Consulates

A Notary Public is a person recognised by law as having the ability to verify signatures and authenticate documents for production overseas. A Notary holds a unique office of trust and fidelity within the legal system.

A Notary Public uses an official stamp and Notarial Seal which are placed on official documents. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) retains a copy of a Notary’s Seal and Signature so that, where applicable for a particular country, DFAT can provide an Authentication Certificate or Apostille Certificate as to the authenticity of the Notary’s Signature and Official Seal.

Nurul Khan is a Notary Public available at short notice by appointment during Business and After Hours including Weekends in the Melbourne Office . Nurul Khan  notarial services that are appreciated by his many of past clients, as is evident in testimonials. His care and concern for every client ensures the process of notarising documents is simple and convenient. You can book an appointment instantly  by calling 03 8396 2484  during Business Hours.

The Need for Witnesses

For Powers of attorney that are to be produced overseas, particularly in India, there is often the need for two witnesses to be present.

If this is the case with your Power of Attorney, please book an appointment during business hours in the city office so that witnesses can be provided by this office. There is no extra fee for this service.

But note that witnesses from this office will only sign in the witnessing section, as well as provide their name and this office’s address as their own address for any follow up. If your witnesses are required to supply, say, details of their passport or parent age, then you need to supply your own witnesses.

You also need to provide your own witnesses if your appointment is after hours or on weekends at either our City Office or Box Hill South Office. Note also that it is not appropriate to have witnesses sign your Power of Attorney before you attend the Notary’s office – “witnessing” requires you to sign in the physical presence of the Notary as well as the witnesses.

What you need to bring: 100 points of ID as well as all documents needing to be notarised.

Please Note: Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a fee. Please ensure that you arrive in a timely manner.

John is not a Justice of the Peace (JP)

Please Note: Nurul Khan is a Senior Solicitor who, as a NOTARY PUBLIC, authenticates documents generally for production OVERSEAS – Notary fees are applicable.

Notarising documents

Lodging documents at embassies and consulates

Offsite notarial services